is can an auxiliary verb?

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When learning English, you often encounter many verbs that help other verbs to express different meanings. These are known as auxiliary verbs, or “helping” verbs. They are essential in forming the tenses, moods, and voices of other verbs. In this article, we’ll explore the main question of is can an auxiliary verbs and how it … Read more

Can you start a sentence with Can’t?

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Yes, you can start a sentence with “can’t” when speaking informally or asking a question and you should use the subject before “can’t” when in a formal situation.  Can’t is mostly used at the beginning of questions and is the contraction of “cannot”. While can’t is most commonly used in declarative sentences to express negation … Read more

Have and Has: Ultimate Guide to Grammar Rules and Differences

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In the huge topic of English grammar, understanding the difference between the verbs have and has is fundamental. These differences are crucial for creating clear and effective sentences. These words do more than just indicate possession; they lay the foundation for expressing experiences, obligations, and relationships between subjects and objects within a sentence. Mastering the … Read more