TEFL Bangkok: Your Questions Answered!

How much is a TEFL course in Bangkok?

A TEFL course in Bangkok should cost you approx $1500. The course isn’t the only cost to consider when doing a course in Bangkok. You have to add in flights to Thailand, accommodation, food and something extra to enjoy yourself. This can all add up, so it is good to book your TEFL course in advance and give yourself time to save up.

You will begin earning after the course, and your salary will go a long way since it is many times higher than the average Thai person’s salary. It is a big commitment to make financially, but investing in yourself and taking this fantastic opportunity does pay off.

The cost of moving to Thailand will be made back while working, but it isn’t about the money. It’s all about the experience!

Can I teach in English in Bangkok with a TEFL certificate?

Yes, a TEFL certificate is a requirement to teach English in Bangkok and all of Thailand. You cannot come to Thailand with just a TEFL certificate and expect to find a job. Thailand also requires English teachers to be degree holders.

All job listings for foreign English teachers in Thailand will have TEFL certification and a degree as a requirement.

An additional requirement you will see is for people holding passports from the seven English speaking countries of Ireland, the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa. Although, this rule can be avoided if you can prove to a school that you are fluent on a native level.

Check out our Ultimate Guide on teaching English in Thailand for more info!

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How much do TEFL teachers earn in Bangkok?

If you want to TEFL Bangkok, the salary will vary between $1100 to $1700, depending on your qualifications and prior experience. You are not required by most schools to have previous teaching experience; however, you can negotiate a higher salary if you do.

The salaries in Bangkok can sometimes be higher than in other cities as the cost of living can be higher. Working in international and private schools will give you a higher salary than in public schools. Language centres pay by the hour, which can be good and bad. If you have low hours, you get less, but some weeks you could have a full 40 hours plus overtime of up to 30 extra hours if you wanted in some cases.

Due to the massive population in Bangkok (approx. 9 million), you will rarely find yourself not getting enough hours.

It is very possible to live in Thailand for around $500 per month if you are on a budget. If you are interested in living more comfortably by going out and partying and seeing the tourist attractions you can easily live in Thailand with $1000 per month.

TEFL course prices in Bangkok

All TEFL courses follow the same curriculum and subjects. All will assist you in finding a teaching job in Bangkok or elsewhere in Thailand.

No TEFL course in Bangkok includes accommodation in the price. You will have to cover the 4-week accommodation yourself. Some may include it for an extra fee. Once Upon A TEFL has deals with local hotels to offer its teachers ‘mates rates’ where you get a great discount during your stay with options for different budgets.

What will TEFL Bangkok teach me?

TEFL courses teach you a wide variety of skills and theory that will be essential to teaching English as a foreign language in Thailand and in every country in the world. You will be able to practice most of your theory during the live teaching practicum. First, you will be taken to observe some classes. It would help if you watched how the TEFL teacher handles the students, what methods they find best and how they keep the students engaged.

Then it will be your turn. Don’t worry, it isn’t as scary as you think, and besides, the trainers will be there by your side if you need assistance. This can be the best opportunity for you to see what works and what doesn’t in a safe environment.

You will cover all the main language topics such as grammar, vocabulary and how to teach them. Approaches to teaching writing, speaking, listening and reading. Lesson planning will be important as lesson plans break down what you will study in each lesson and how much time you allocate to each topic.

You will also have classes on how to prepare your resume/ CV for schools and for teaching job interviews.

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Are TEFL teachers in demand in Bangkok?

Yes, there is a huge demand for teachers currently in Bangkok. As it is the capital of Bangkok, it has the highest population density there will always be students enrolling.

Most of Thailands international business occurs in Bangkok, and with English now the universal language of business, most companies must hire Thai English speakers or send their staff to be trained at English language centres or bring in English teachers to train their staff on-site.

Bangkok is the home to many of the upper and middle-class Thai population. Many parents believe knowing English will greatly benefit their children. Some parents also want to send their children to English speaking countries to study in university. After school lessons are very common in Thailand, children, having finished a full day of school, will have to attend a music lesson, sports training and English class.

Due to most students learning English after school or after work, most language centres require teachers to work until late in the evening to accommodate their schedules.

TEFL Bangkok with guaranteed job

No TEFL course can guarantee you a job if you join their course, contrary to what they advertise! You may fail the course, and without a TEFL certification, you cannot teach in Thailand.

What TEFL courses should advertise is they will guarantee you job interviews in local schools, which is what is really meant by this. You will still have to show up and pass the interview to secure a job in Thailand. It is rare people do not get a job, so your chances are very high, but it can never be guaranteed.

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How to get a teaching job in Bangkok

If you plan on doing your TEFL course in Bangkok, your school should organise job interviews in local schools as part of the package! You will give them your desired cities or towns to work in, and they will do their best to contact all the schools in those areas for you. Since you are completing a TEFL course in Bangkok, and not abroad, most schools in Bangkok and Thailand will be delighted to have you on their team as they will recognise the school.

If you previously got your TEFL certification and you are not in Thailand, it is possible to contact your TEFL provider and ask them if they offer job assistance in Thailand. If not, don’t worry. There are many online platforms for TEFL teachers. Dave’s ESL Cafe is the most famous. There are also Facebook groups dedicated to teachers in Thailand. When a teachers contract is coming to a close, the school will often post in these groups to find a replacement teacher.

TEFL Bangkok with no degree

You are required to have a degree to teach English in Bangkok and all of Thailand! Any website saying differently is wrong and here is why you should not try it! You need a degree and TEFL certificate to get a work visa in Thailand. If you do not have a work permit, you are not registered to work in Thailand, and you are working on a tourist visa, which no country allows, and this is a crime.

If you are caught, you could be deported from Thailand and not allowed to return.

Also, those who work in Thailand on tourist visas have to do border runs every three months, which are expensive and not a fun experience. Also, when you start looking for teaching jobs, you will see all schools list having a degree and TEFL certification as a requirement. With so many people applying to teach English in Thailand these days, the schools will always choose the teacher with the qualifications.

If you truly want to teach English in Asia but do not have a degree, you can always teach in Cambodia, as it is the only country in Asia that allows non-degree holders to stay and work legally. Cambodia is developing rapidly, and many people say Cambodia is blossoming and this is the best time to be there.

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TEFL Bangkok vs TEFL Pattaya

TEFL Bangkok is in the heart of one of the biggest cities in the world. Full of life and always busy. It has every possible amenity you can think of and more. TEFL Pattaya is a way to be in a party orientated town! Possibly the craziest nightlife in the world is in Pattaya, and they have beaches which is a big plus!

However, if you come to Thailand to study a TEFL course, remember these courses are only 4 weeks long. This means they are very intensive, and there is much to do and learn, and you won’t have time to go out partying every night.

Living in Pattaya might be too much of a distraction. It is always possible to do the TEFL Bangkok course and then let them find you a teaching job in Pattaya and vice versa.

TEFL Bangkok vs TEFL Phuket

Choosing between Bangkok and Phuket can be hard. One has the big city vibe with amazing restaurants, some of the world’s greatest shopping malls and crazy nightlife such as Soi Cowboy.

Phuket is much more laidback as it is a seaside town. The beaches are fantastic, and the people are even better! You will be able to unwind after class with the other teachers on the white sand.

If you are coming to Thailand for the sun and the relaxing beach vibe and that’s your goal, then we suggest doing your course in Bangkok. Wait, what? Yep, doing your course in Bangkok and finding a job in Phuket is a far better idea. This way, you get to experience life in amazing Bangkok for 4 weeks and then spend the rest of your time by the sea in Phuket! Why stay in one place when you can be in two? That’s what travelling is all about!

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