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Welcome to our TEFL Chicago page where we will go through everything you need to know about doing a TEFL course in Chicago before travelling abroad to teach English.

Are you planning on travelling the world as an English teacher but want to get certified in the USA first or you are looking for a well-paid job that will take you to places you’ve only dreamed about visiting? Then this course is for you, welcome to Chi-town!

Cloud Gate 'The Bean' sculpture and skyscrapers Chicago

Taking a TEFL course in Chicago will let you train in a familiar city that is close to home if you are American. If you are travelling to the US for the course then you get a beautiful 4-week stay in one of America’s most famous cities. 

Here are some reasons you should think about doing the TEFL course in Chicago:

  • You are close to home if you want a break between the course and teaching abroad.
  • If you are testing if this is the right career for you and do not want to risk going abroad straight away.
  • If you are a US citizen you do not need to go through any visa or travel processes.
  • You want to teach English in language centres in the USA.
  • You will be trained to the highest standards to become an English teaching machine.
  • Live teaching practicum with EFL students in Chicago.

Whether you choose to do a TEFL course in the USA or abroad we guarantee you will have an amazing experience in Chi-town and leave with a wealth of knowledge and skills that you will take with you into any industry.

TEFL Chicago Requirements

  • Must be fluent in the English language
  • Over the age of 18
  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred but not required
  • Must complete the course and pass the assessments
  • Positive attitude & desire to travel to Chicago

What this course will give you

  • 4 weeks of TEFL / TESOL training in Chicago
  • OFQUAL Level 5 Course TEFL Certification
  • You get to practice teaching with ESL students in Chicago
  • Refresher in English grammar and punctuation 
  • Classroom management
  • Job placement assistance in TEFL schools worldwide
  • Access to jobs in schools worldwide
  • Education theory

         Plus much, much more!

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When you have enough of living at home and working the same job and want a new life abroad.



Tell me what your goals are, where you dream of living and how long you want to travel the world.



Start your plans to begin your new adventure in Chicago & abroad. It's time to get out there and live again.

The cost of the TEFL Certification in Chicago, USA, is only $2195

  • $600 Deposit + €1595 Balance

Be sure to check the Currency Converter as prices do change daily.

(Deposit to be paid to secure your spot on the TEFL course in Chicago, USA. The balance must be paid in full before the TEFL course begins)

Refer a friend and they get a $50 discount and you get $100 sent straight to you with love!

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How long does it take to get TEFL certified in Chicago?

The TEFL Chicago course runs for 4 weeks. It is a very intensive course and you will be in class or doing live teaching practice full-time Monday to Friday.

Once you pass the course you will receive your TEFL certification and should you want to continue to teach English abroad or in the USA we will assist you in finding the perfect teaching job for you!

How do I know if this course is right for me?

Ask yourself if you are ready to get out and see more of the world and have new experiences.

Are you bored of the same old things in the same old places where you are now and just want something new and exciting? What is more exciting than boarding a plane and heading for a brand new country full of new people and new memories to make.

Do you like to help people? Teaching kids and adults English to help them perform better in school or work gives them so many more opportunities in life. It feels good seeing them improve and knowing that you made it happen.

Are you struggling to find a job at home that makes you happy or do you want a change from the one you are in? This industry has jobs in every country around the world and not enough teachers to fill them. Why just work when you can work and travel the world…

Have you always wanted to live somewhere but never knew how to make it happen? A TEFL certificate is the key that opens up any country in the world. English teachers are in massive demand which means you will be accepted into any country abroad to work and live long-term.

The Chicago Theatre AKA the Balaban and Katz group, North State Street, the Loop Area
Chicago skyscrapers aerial view night lights

What's included with the Chicago TEFL course?

  • Small class sizes for an intimate learning experience.
  • Lifetime job assistance for after the course for you to begin your TEFL career with professional guidance.
  • University-level training.
  • Internationally recognised TEFL certification.
  • Housing assistance. We will guide you to the best available accommodation in Chicago where previous students have lived.
  • All course materials.
  • A kickass graduation party to wrap your time here up!

The tuition does not include:

  • Airfare or Transportation
  • Accommodation & Personal Expenses
  • Visa or travel insurance (although we offer guidance)
  • Textbook
  • Bad Vibes


Where can I go after TEFL Chicago?

This is completely up to you!

You tell us where you have always dreamed of going and we will begin to contact English teaching schools in that area and organise interviews for you to attend.

You can go to any country in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Central America or South America. You can even go to English speaking countries to teach non-English speaking students living there.

Your options are endless and all you have to do is think about the place where you feel you will be happiest.

Is the TEFL course in Chicago worth all that money?

This course is not pocket change by any means. You should carefully think if this career is for you before you decide to put a deposit down.

If you know teaching English and travelling abroad is what you want to do deep down then this course is 100% worth every penny!

You will be trained at a graduate level on an OFQUAL Level 5 accreditation course by TQUK.

The chance to work in any country around the world for as long as you like and make a good income is worth it and you get to see new places along the way.

Chicago 360° Skyline by DJ Vegh

Can you save money teaching English abroad?

Once you finish your TEFL certification in the USA and begin living and working abroad the fun begins!

You will have to find a place to live, keep your belly full and have a bit left over to travel, explore and have some fun! Can you do this on a TEFL teacher’s salary and still have money left over to stash away for a rainy day?

The answer is YES! You can easily do all the things you need to do and put some cash away every month. It depends from country to country and city to city. Each location offers a different salary and cost of living. 

As at home, to save you have to be good with your money. If you decide to go out every night and go shopping every weekend then it will be harder to save!

If you want to save you should choose a country with a good salary and good to low cost of living. Countries like Vietnam, Cambodia and Spain are some good examples.

What kind of Visa should I get to come to the USA?

An American Visitor’s Visa is what most TEFL teachers choose when coming to the States for their course. 

It will allow you up to 6 months in America to travel and study. 

As the course is only 4-weeks long you have 5 extra months if you decide to travel around America or you can just head to your next destination to teach English.

Be sure to check with the American Embassy in your country as each country has varying requirements.

If you wish to remain in the US to work be sure to find an employer willing to assist you with obtaining a work permit which allows you to work legally in the US.

Wolf Point West Riverwalk, Chicago 360° Skyline at night by DJ Vegh

Where will I stay in Chicago during the TEFL course?

Once you sign up we can send you a list of accommodation options that suit everyone’s needs and budget!

Here are some examples of where past students have stayed in the City of Big Shoulders:

  • Hostels Nearby ($23-$40 USD p/n)
  • Short term let an apartment. Perfect if travelling as a couple or group.
  • AirBnB offers discounts when booking for more than one month.

All out suggestions will be located around downtown Chicago and will be within walking distance or a short bus ride away.

Are there EFL/ ESL jobs in Chicago?

There are many language centres that offer English teaching jobs in Chicago. These are great for those who want to teach but also stay close to home in the US and for teachers from around the world who wish to live and work in the US.

Every year people from around the world immigrate to America from non-English speaking countries. Whether for work, study, asylum or to be with family, these people wish to speak English to fit into American society and to work or go to school.

Schools all over America, not just in Chicago, are in need of English teachers to educate these English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students.

Chicago river bridge boats

Cloud Gate Sculpture, Millenium Park, Chicago by Martijn Baudoin

How to find TESOL/ TEFL jobs abroad?

There are a few options to choose from or you could do them all to increase your odds!

Once you are on the TEFL course in Chicago we will ask what your preferred country and cities are. We can then contact schools in that country to set up job interviews for you.

Schools will be delighted to be contacted by a professional TEFL school as it shows you have completed 4 weeks of intensive teacher training and you have a letter of recommendation and level-5 certificate.

You can also search for jobs online. We can send you a list of useful websites.

If you move to the country you wish to teach, you can begin applying for jobs in-person. Many schools prefer this as they do not have to wait for the teacher to get a visa and travel and they also have less documents and forms to process.

How much can I expect to earn as an English teacher after Chicago?

First-time TEFL teachers can expect to make between $12 and $19 per hour. Depending on how many hours you work, usually 25-40 hours, you can earn $1,300-$3,293 per month.

Quick example:

Min. $12 x 25 hrs = $300 p/w x 52wks = $15,600 / 12mths = $1,300 p/month

Max. $19 x 40 hrs = $760 p/w x 52wks = $39,520 / 12mths = $3,293.33 p/month

I bet you weren’t expecting to see math equations on an English teaching website! You’re welcome!

If you add a few extra hours teaching online in the evenings or weekends you can really beef up your bank account in no time.

Wrigley Building Chicago

Oak Street Beach, Chicago, USA, by Panograf – Marc Walser

Best way to sign up for in-class TEFL courses in Chicago

The best way to sign up for TEFL Chicago is to let us know you are interested. You can leave a comment at the end of this wonderful page or fill out the application form.

We can help you through all the processes step by step and get you on your way to the Windy City.

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