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Have you always dreamed and wanted to teach English abroad? If so, this TEFL course in Mexico is the perfect opportunity for you. Puerto Vallarta’s culture is a great place to learn and teach English as it has an easy-going atmosphere that will make your experience memorable.

This TEFL course in Mexico includes 4 weeks of teacher training and full access to our on-site facilities!

Our 150 hour TEFL course by the sea is the perfect entry for first-time teachers into the world of TEFL. You will be trained in a relaxed environment alongside other teachers on their first-time journey.

You and the other teachers will be taken on city tours and trips to local attractions and cultural events. You will have people to explore with or head to the beach at the weekend or for dinner in the many amazing restaurants nearby.

Doing a TEFL course here in Mexico will also take the strain away from looking for the perfect teaching job as most schools recognise our TEFL course as one of the best in Mexico, and all teachers that graduate find jobs straight away.

Mexico TEFL Course Requirements

  • Native English speakers (no university degree required)
  • Non-native English speakers with a minimum 7.0 IELTS score
  • Must be able to get a 6-month tourist visa
  • Must be eligible for a work permit & work visa
  • Must be over 18
  • Hae a positive attitude

What this course will give you

  • When you complete the course, you get your accredited TEFL certification
  • You get to practice teaching with local ESL students
  • You learn lesson planning
  • Approaches to teaching business English
  • Classroom management and establishing rapport
  • Job placement assistance in local TEFL schools
  • Access to jobs in schools worldwide
  • How to teach private lessons
  • Education theory

         Plus much, much more!

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When you have enough of living at home and working the same job and want a new life abroad.



Tell us what your goals are, where you dream of living and how long you want to travel the world.



Start your plans to begin your new adventure in Mexico. It's time to get out there and live again.

How much does a TEFL course in mexico cost?

The cost of the TEFL Certification in Mexico Is $1299

  • $799 Deposit + $500 Balance (in USD)

(Deposit to be paid to secure your spot on the TEFL course in Mexico. The balance must be paid in full before the course begins)

Mexico Start Dates 2022

  • May 2nd
  • May 30th
  • June 27
  • July 25
  • August 22
  • September 19
  • October 17
  • November 14

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How much can I expect to earn in Mexico?

A typical salary for TEFL teachers in Mexico is 650 USD – 1,000 USD a month. 

Exchange rates change daily. To calculate these rates click here.

Accommodation and the cost of living are incredibly cheap here, allowing your salary to go further than you might think.

You can teach online and tutor privately in your free time for anywhere from 13 USD to 30+ USD per hour! We will show you the best online teaching platforms to join once you get your TEFL certification.

English is the dominant language, and most countries and businesses need to adapt to stay in business. This gives us TEFL teachers an untapped amount of earning potential and firms & people to help!

How can I get TEFL certified in Mexico?

You have the option of joining our TEFL course in Puerto Vallarta on the sunny Pacific coast, or you can take TEFL courses online or in your home country. All will give you the proper TEFL certification needed to teach English as a foreign language but doing Mexico TEFL courses on-site gives you a much better experience.

If you choose TEFL courses online or at home, be sure to ask if they will help you find a teaching job after the course and also if they provide observed teaching practicum. Otherwise, you will spend all that money on just the basics. If you are looking for good online TEFL courses, then check out companies online such as the International TEFL Academy.

TEFL courses in Mexico and most TEFL certification programs around the world offer personal assistance to find paid job placement.

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Can I teach English in Mexico without a degree?

You can teach English abroad in Mexico without a degree, but you will need a TEFL certification before you start teaching English. Once you complete one of the many TEFL certification programs, you can start applying for teaching jobs in Mexico City, San Luis Potosi, Playa Del Carmen or any city around the world that has young learners looking for English teachers!

It rarely happens, but you cannot be guaranteed job placement if you do not have a degree. We say this because if two English teachers apply for the same teaching job and one has a degree and the other does not, it is possible the school will choose the English teacher with the degree.

This is not always the case, and should not let you teach English in Mexico won’t happen for you!

As in the example above, both English teachers must do an interview with the language centres. Maybe the English teacher with the degree has no previous teaching experience, and you have been teaching English abroad in Latin America for many years or have experience with live practice teaching and lesson plans and all the practical skills language schools look for.

Possibly the teacher with a degree is not a native English speaker with no prior teaching experience. These are the things a training centre will consider when they hire teachers.

Can a US teacher teach in Mexico?

Yes, and it is not uncommon for US teachers to teach English abroad in Mexico. However, even professional English teachers are often required to join an international teacher training organization because teaching English as a foreign language can require a different skill set than teaching English to a native English speaker.

If you are a professionally qualified English teacher in your home country and you want to teach English in Mexico, you should consider doing a TEFL, TESOL or CELTA course.

There is a great job market for teachers with an accredited TEFL certificate. To find the best TEFL jobs, ask your school or provider for job placement assistance.

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Can I teach English online in Mexico?

Many teachers move to Mexico to teach the English language from a sunny destination. Most jobs in the online TEFL world only require you to have internet access and a webcam. This means you can host private lessons with real students from anywhere in the world!

There are countless job opportunities online when it comes to TEFL. Job markets are overflowing with students in need of teachers. The problem is there are more students than teachers!

Once you have your TEFL certification, you can start teaching English in Mexico without having to apply for job interviews or setting foot in a classroom. Once you have an interactive program designed for your TEFL class, you can work as many hours as you want from your own home.

Some teachers in Mexico became TEFL certified through our course in Puerto Vallarta and looked at the job markets online, and they found multiple teaching jobs in one day. They are exploring the ancient Mayan ruins or sipping coffee in a colonial building in Mexico’s historic towns by day and teaching English at night.

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Should I work in Mexico City or a smaller city?

This will depend on you and what you want from this experience! If you are into the fast-paced lifestyle of a capital city, then Mexico City might be the perfect place for you! There are more schools in Mexico City as it is the capital with the highest population, so you will see many job opportunities there. They will probably be in modern buildings with air conditioning which is a bonus in a hot country!

Many English teachers who choose Mexico to be TEFL teachers want the idyllic beach paradise. Somewhere where life moves a bit slower, they can stroll along the beach promenade as the sun sets.

If you cannot decide which city you want to teach in, try both, and if one doesn’t work out, you can always go to another town. Doing our TEFL courses in Mexico will show you the lifestyle in a beachside town where tourists come to relax and party. You can try this out for 4 weeks and then move to a bigger city to work and see how it compares. Then you will have the best of both worlds and will be able to decide what you want from the TEFL experience.


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Is it an accredited TEFL Certification Course?

Partner Info

This is a partner course of Once Upon A TEFL and is headed by the wonderful Alan Davalos in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 

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