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Do you need a TEFL to teach in Europe?

A TEFL certificate is required by most English language centres in Europe. Schools will prefer to see you have had some formal training in the ESL industry.

Qualified teachers with degrees in Education may be able to find teaching jobs in Europe without a TEFL certificate. However, on many online job application forms, there is usually a section for TEFL certificates. Many schools will not accept job applications when the TEFL section is not completed.

Can I teach English without TEFL in Europe?

It is possible to teach English in Europe without a TEFL certificate or completing a TEFL course. However, you would need to be a qualified teacher with a BA degree and possibly a few years of teaching experience.

As I said above, it is possible but if you plan on applying for jobs online then you have the possibility of your application being overlooked for not having TEFL certification.

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What countries require TEFL in Europe?

TEFL certifications are accepted in all European countries except Ireland and the UK. Having TEFL certification proves to your potential employers that you have had training in the ESL industry and your goals are to teach English abroad and online.

There are 4-week TEFL courses all over Europe, from Spain to the Czech Republic for you to check out!

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Is it hard to find an English teaching job in Europe?

Finding an English teaching job in Europe is easier than you might think. As Europe is made up of mainly non-English speaking countries it means there is massive potential for job opportunities. 

Once you complete your TEFL course you will have job interviews arranged at local schools. It is part of the package that we help you find the English school that is right for you!

If you choose to go your own route we can send you all the best European teaching jobs websites and portals or even check out TEFL Europe Reddit.

Is 120 hour TEFL course enough to teach English in Europe?

Yes, 120+ hour TEFL certification courses are the industry standard and will be enough to get you a teaching job in schools in Europe.

These certificates not only allow you to work in Europe but can be enough to teach in countries in Asia, Africa and South America.

Which European country needs English teachers?

All countries in mainland Europe require TEFL teachers as English is not their first language. Eastern Europe has the biggest demand for TEFL teachers currently but there is also a great demand in Spain, France, Italy and Germany and more.

  • Most big movies, TV series and music are all in English
  • The international language of business is English
  • If people want to travel to English speaking countries 
  • In non-native English speaking countries, English is often the language used to communicate

The English language is only becoming more important and spreading further with each year. So now is the time to get ready to start teaching English abroad!

Which country is best for TEFL Europe?

Teaching English in Barcelona, Spain, has to be the best experience for a TEFL teacher in Europe. Spain has amazing weather, the best food, and a low cost of living which means your euros will go a long way. Can you see yourself there?

Here are some other countries in Europe that are extremely popular for teaching abroad in 2022!


Many TEFL teachers choose to live in Germany not only because it is such a great place to work but because they have relatives from there or leant German in school and hoped to practise it.

Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and towns in Bavaria are the most popular destinations in Germany! Have you seen Germany at Christmas time? Wow!

Czech Republic

Prague is a dream destination for many people so you’d hardly be surprised that so many TEFL certified teachers travel to the Czech Republic, the ‘heart of Europe’.


Whether you choose to teach in the big cities like Rome, Milan or Venice or Choose to go down south towards Naples or even to the islands of Sardinia or Sicily all we can say is you will have an unforgettable experience.

Each city and town is unique and you could travel them all and never get tired. We highly recommend Italy to first-time TEFL teachers and also TEFL veterans.


This is a favourite destination for many world travellers. Many TEFL teachers choose to work in busy and exciting cities such as Istanbul during their TEFL careers.


Many people fall in love with France before they even go there from the books they’ve read to the movies they’ve seen. And you know what, it is as magical and lovely as you thought it was!

Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon, Marseille, and Toulouse are the places everyone knows, check out the small towns and villages to get the real experience. Some are like fairytales!

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Which country in Europe pays English teachers the most?

The Netherlands and some Scandanavian countries like Denmark and Sweeden offer the highest salaries for English teachers. This is mainly due to them being financially strong nations with excellent worker rights but also due to the higher cost of living.

Yes, they offer a higher salary but you should consider accommodation, transport and food prices. While the salaries in countries like Poland and the Czech Republic may be lower, the cost of living is also much better.

You could find that your bank account could grow better with a lower salary and lower cost of living than the other way around…

How to become a TEFL teacher in Europe?

To teach English as a foreign language in Europe you much be a fluent English speaker, be over 18 and have TEFL certification to help you get a job. You do not need a college degree or previous teaching experience if you have completed a TEFL course.

Let us know if you are interested in teaching English in Europe and we can guide you through the process.

We offer 4-week training courses and help find you a job in a school in the city of your choice. Why do it alone when someone can show you the way…

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