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TEFL MEXICO - 2021's Best Location

Live & work in exotic Mexico by taking a TEFL course and we guarantee you a job in Mexico when you complete the course! 

Why TEFL Mexico?

We all had the same questions before we moved abroad… Will I find a job? Am I going to have a good time? Is it safe?

I did a TEFL course online from my bedroom, found a job abroad and booked a flight. When I got there I felt very alone because I was dropped into a new city with no friends and I was nervous as hell about going into the classroom for the first time.

It can be scary when you haven’t done solo travelling or been away from home before. Doing a TEFL course in a group and in-person in the country you plan to stay in is a great first step to exploring the world in a great environment. 

You are surrounded by people in the same boat as you, mostly first-time travellers and first time TEFL teachers. It is great to have people on the same journey as yourself and it’s even better having experienced trainers guiding you in the course and taking you on excursions and adventures throughout the city.

Mexico is the perfect location to train to be a TEFL teacher because it is laid back and close to home if you’re from the USA.

You also get trained in a live classroom with children and you can get used to being in that environment instead of jumping into it like I did!

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We have TEFL / TESOL courses in Asia, Europe & North and South America, which means we have a course suitable for everyone’s needs! We deliver on providing the best care and training possible because we want everyone to leave their comfort zones and travel the world just like we did & doing a TEFL course is the first step, completing it and getting your TEFL certificate is the next step and then every country in the world is open to you to explore.

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Mexico is popular because it is an exotic location where the sun always shines but also because of how many job opportunities that are available.

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Bali is always a favourite for travellers because of the neverending coastlines, jungles and hidden waterfalls dotted throughout the island.

TEFL Course in Cambodia with Once Upon A TEFL Angkor Wat Temple


Cambodia has everything and more... Great jobs, food, scenery, culture & people. The lovely Cambodian people are what everyone remembers.

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Our wonderful TEFL graduates can't stop smiling!

Did You Know?

  • Mexico pledged to teach all its 12 million schoolchildren the English language in an effort to create a bilingual generation with more opportunities.
  • 80% of English teachers are non-native English speakers because the demand for TEFL teacher is so high and there are not enough native English speakers to TEFL in Mexico and most other countries.
  • There are over 20,000 ESL & TEFL jobs posted each month.
  • On average TEFL teachers in Mexico that also work online make $25 per hour teaching students in different countries.
  • 52% of new TEFL certified teachers began their journey after Covid 19 hit, which means people are using it to upskill.

the stats say it all

TEFL Numbers

Stay for a second year same country
1 %
Go to a new country or school
1 %
Go home after a great year
1 %

Is TEFL Mexico For Me?

By doing a TEFL course in Mexico you will get to explore an amazing country and culture & become TEFL certified meaning you can get a job in every country in the world!

You could stay at home and find a job in your city and not change anything. You could do the 1-week vacation a year to somewhere nice and sunny and go back to the same life you just escaped from and then dreaming you were still on vacation.

Why not have a permanent vacation & work abroad in Mexico. Every day will be a new adventure because is it nothing like home! It is vibrant, exciting, beautiful, tropical and friendly.. who wouldn’t want to live in Mexico?

Mexico is full of English schools and jobs are everywhere meaning you can have your pick from any of Mexico’s many cities. If you have any concerns about finding a job in Mexico with no previous experience then you have nothing to worry about because Mexico is happy for you to gain your experience here and improve your teaching methods… Mexico has faith in you!


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FAQs About Mexico

If you have a question about Mexico or about TEFL and you can't see an answer for it then please feel free to send us a message at any time, no matter how big or small!

Due to the high demand for English teachers in Mexico, you are almost guaranteed to find a TEFL job in any city in Mexico. 

Mexico is also a great location for non-native English speakers as it is very open minded about different accents being apart of every day speaking and believes having a variety of different accents is a good thing.

Our TEFL course in Mexico prepares you for the classroom environment and with our long lasting contacts with local schools and language centres in Mexico, there is no way you will not find work here in Mexico!

You do not need a degree to do the TEFL course or to teach English in Mexico. All you need is your TEFL certificate, dedication and your smile!

As always, schools do prefer applicants with degrees. If there were two TEFL teachers going for the same job and one had a degree and the other did not then it is safe to say the teacher with the degree would be chosen first.

This is the only time it would be an issue, but due to the massive job opportunities for TEFL teachers in Mexico, you will have more job offers than you can read through so it will not be an issue!

Mexico offers an amazing 180 day visa to most nationalities. Which can be renewed by exiting the country for a day and returning for another 180 day visa. 

We go over the visa requirements in more detail later in the application process. 

We work with you every step of the way to make your life easier because we do this kind of work everyday so we know what needs to be done!

The typical salary for a TEFL teacher ranges from $500 – $1250 per month.

This depends on the school, location and the teachers qualifications.

With the cost of living in Mexico being so low the salary is more than enough for anyone to live comfortably in Mexico.

Our TEFL course in Mexico is situated in Puerto Vallarta. A gorgeous and cosmopolitan area on the Pacific coast.

Yes, it has the sandy beaches, gorgeous weather and lovely lifestyle but it also has one of Mexico’s finest communities.

The locals are incredibly friendly and helpful to foreigners as it is a famous tourist location. There are many tourists and expats in the area to meet and chat with if you feel homesick.

You will more than likely be working in one of Mexico’s other big cities which is great because you get to see more of the country.

Mexico City is a favourite of TEFL teachers. It has that metropolitan look and is the most populous city in North America. People teach here for the lifestyle, multiple job opportunities and nightlife.


It would be great if you can speak Spanish but it is not a requirement to live and work as a TEFL teacher in Mexico.

Most people use their time in Mexico to learn or improve their Spanish language skills. We have many connections to Spanish language courses that would be delighted to help you become multilingual. 

The best method of improving a language is to live in the area it is spoken and being able to practice it daily in everyday scenarios, such as grocery shopping and talking to locals at the bus stop.

Mexico is famous for its friendly people and sense of community so you will always have someone willing to chat with you.

There is a massive demand for TEFL teachers in Mexico since the government pledged to teach all 12 million schoolchildren and future students English in a hope to give them better opportunities.

English is becoming the go-to language for international business and commerce. Tourism in Mexico comes primarily from America, which is an English speaking country, so it is in the tourism industry’s best interest to adopt English as the main second language of Mexico.

There are not enough foreign teachers available to fill all the positions in Mexico, so there will always be job positions open to people with TEFL certificates.

Mexico is not home… that’s the answer I always give because I love exploring new places!

Apart from that, Mexico is an exotic, tropical and cosmopolitan destination filled with deep rooted culture, history and good times. It has the greatest job opportunities in the world due to the high demand for the English language to be taught.

It feels like home away from home. By this I mean it is so inclusive of all people, nationalities, religions and sexualities. Everyone is made feel welcome in Mexico and it’s this amazing attitude that makes Mexico one of the top TEFL destinations on Earth!

What are your other options… stay at home working the same job, in the same town, with the same people? We say forget that, and take a leap of faith into something new, scary and exciting!

A question we get asked all the time!

There is nothing happening in Mexico that isn’t happening in pretty much every other country in the world. Yes, it has crime like every country, but contrary to what most people think, it is nothing like a scene from Scarface!

Mexico has two forms of police, the local police and tourist police. Being such a huge tourist destination led to the tourist police being set up as a way to put people with the wrong ideas of Mexico to rest.

With this being said, if you are to go to the big cities, such as Mexico City, be wary of pickpockets and have your wits about you as you would in any heavily populated capital city.

You will be perfectly safe during your time in Mexico. There has never been an incident in so long as we’ve been sending people there.

Mexico is very open and welcoming to the LGBTQI+ community in all cities across the country.

Walking around Mexico City you see many gay/ lesbian couples walking about and showing public displays of affection. It is fantastic to see and great knowing people can be free to be themselves in Mexico.

Mexico is an all inclusive country, meaning everyone is welcome, regardless of race, nationality, sexual preference and religion. We hope more countries adopt this approach in the coming years as some are not as accepting as Mexico.

Non-native English speakers are very welcome to teach English in Mexico!

This does not mean that anyone can be accepted into the course. You must be fluent in both spoken and written English.

Most countries require only native English speakers, Mexico on the other hand sees the value of having English teachers from all over the world and here’s why.. accents!

Yes, that’s right, accents. They play a big role in spoken English, and often times if two non native English speakers of different languages meet, English is mostly the go-to language for communication. 

Also, if you have ever met an Irishman, and Englishman and a Scotsman (sounds like a cheesy joke, right?), all who speak English but all with hugely different accents, then you will know why Mexico values accent diversity so much

The main benefits we tell people are fairly simple because it’s not something to overthink too much –

  • You get to travel to a new country and culture and meet new people.
  • You get a worldwide recognised TEFL certificate that allows you to teach English in every country in the world.
  • You get fantastic training with live classroom experience to prepare you for that first day in school.
  • You can show future employers on your resume/ CV that you were brave enough to travel across the world to an unknown land take up a career and succeed. Employers love to see that in people!

The rest of the experience is really up to you to make it your own. You might love it or you might hate it, but from our experience, we strongly believe you’ll have a lovely time that you will remember for the rest of your days.

We get asked this a lot.

TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

TESOL – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

As you can see they both pretty much mean the same thing and that is because they do.

TEFL is usually preferred by schools in foreign counties.

TESOL is usually what teachers working from their home country use to teach foreigners in that country.

If you want to learn more about TEFL courses and certificates then you should check out our article –  What is TEFL?

If you've come this far...

…it means you want to do this and you’re ready to travel but maybe you’re still a bit nervous about making the decision. Getting in touch with me isn’t scary, I’m a short dude from Ireland, how scary can I be? So just make the first move and send a quick message telling me you’re interested and we can have chat about it and that’s all it is, a small chat with a small Irish guy.

I will tell you though, if you do a TEFL course and teach all around the world, you will have ups and downs.. like everything in life, but you will definitely have more ups than downs & I’d rather have my downs on a beach in Mexico or Bali than in the rain in Ireland!

I look forward to your message… scroll down or hit the button below.


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